Thursday, May 3, 2012


well....I finally saw it...not in 3D thank you!!!!

THE GOOD.... it is pretty and very blue....good running story line...first class CGI....state of the art everything!!! the two leads (SAM WORTHINGTON & ZOE SALDANA  are believable and have good chemistry!!

THE BAD... too much macho posturing a la STARSHIP TROOPERS (STEPHEN LANG is intense enough for 3+ movies) overly simplified picture of "aboriginal" people...CAMERON has developed a meld of AFRICAN & NATIVE AMERICAN cultural societies, but the NAVI are PRETERNATURAL ALIENS and more script work was needed to avoid some banal moments...

THE UGLY.... the 3 "bulging" veins in the right temple of STEPHEN LANG'S "SARG"!!!


is it worth $300,000,000???!!!  could have been made for 30 million easily!!

is this the future of film??? hopefully not!!  I would prefer an old B&W film/story/sound of "BOGIE" from the forties!!!

GIOVANNI RIBISI... How did such an accomplished actor find himself in such a one-dimensional role!!

SIGOURNEY WEAVER...more two-dimensional...barely!!

the ending...sweet, but 100% predictable!!!

AND...if you want to read "GOOD" SCI-FI about "INDIGENOUS ALIENS",  start with OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET by C.S. LEWIS (part of his "space trilogy")...

concerning the "noble savage" some JEAN JACQUES ROUSSEAU with a repartee by the MARQUIS DE SADE!!!

FINALLY...I doubt if the "KING OF THE WORLD" has read "CIVILIZATION AND IT'S DISCONTENTS" by SIGMUND FREUD....he would have avoided a lot stale. wrmed-over plot devices!!