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Thursday, August 18, 2011


unfortunately...this is the only decent part!!!  thanx a lot...Stanley!!!

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  1. That's funny you should say that. This exact part is when the movie lost any credibility for me. Apparently even the great Kubrick was afraid to hold Jack back from his tendency to be Jack, or worse yet, he thought it was good! Jack is a wonderful actor, but Like Brando in his later years, he needs a strong director to reign him in. I thought the movie had some great stuff. Of course, if you look at it as a reflection of the book -- OK for a while, then bad.

    My problem was mainly Shelly Duvall. Whiny, sniffling, really annoying -- I wanted to bash her head in myself! Not a good reaction from an audience member. Kubrick's Shining had some real brilliance - I've never been as scared in my life as when that child was riding his big wheel through the halls, the bike rattling across floor, then muffled by carpet, then rattling again around blind corners. That was bad enough, and then those 2 girls -- I had dreams about that. And the men's room scene with Jack and Grady. The ar deco set, the quietness, the voice of the actor who played Grady -- unforgettable scene to me. Damn, I wish I could watch it right now, but it's 4:15 am, dark and quiet outside, and I would be scared shitless!

    Well, this sparked a discussion for me! And strangely enough, the part you highlight above, was the worst part of the movie for me! Want to have a real movie discussion here? Could be fun!